How can Michigan save their season?

The Michigan Wolverines made it to the Elite Eight last year, but right now, their season is not going to get them there. The Wolverines have a record of 9-6 (2-1 B1G) and earlier in the season they went on a four game losing streak, including upsets versus New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and Eastern Michigan. They do have a key win against Syracuse and were a possession away from beating Villanova. Their latest loss against Purdue proved that Michigan is definitely not the team they were.

Coming into the season Caris LeVert was supposed to be a possible lottery pick and the leader of this team. He has been a leader of the team but has failed to produce on the level he was expected to. Zak Irvin has been able to produce as expected and so has Derrick Walton but recently they have had a breakout performer. Aubrey Dawkins, a 3-star recruit out of Palo Alto, California, has shown his potential. In his breakout game against Illinois he had 20 points on 6-7 from deep. Although he has only had two good games he could be the one who turns around the season,

I also think that Michigan needs to go down low to the freshman Ricky Doyle. He started off playing as a role player coming off the bench but throughout the season he has shown that he is a starter. He gives the team momentum such as Spike Albrecht and has become a reliable option at only 6′ 9″.

Of course this is a very young team and with time they will mesh more but the emergence of Aubrey Dawkins and Ricky Doyle could prove huge for this team.


Spike Albrecht.

Michael Joseph Albrecht is a normal human being. Spike Albrecht is not. At age 5, Michael Albrecht, son of Tammy and Charles “Chuck” Albrecht, received his first baseball spikes and refused to take them off, earning his now famous nickname.

Oh yeahhhhhhhh

Oh yeahhhhhhhh

The back-up point guard and captain for the Michigan Wolverines is one of the fan favorites. Although he is a backup he plays almost just as much as the starter. He became nationally known two years ago when the Wolverines played in the National Championship. He scored 17 first half points on 4-4 from deep, also earning all Final Four team. This tuesday, Spike hit the game winning 3 against Syracuse with 30 seconds left, giving the Hunger Games salute after. Spike also goes by the name Spikedaddy, because….. I don’t really know but he does. Spike played high school basketball in his hometown of Crown Point, Indiana where led Northfield Mount Hermon to the NEPSAC Class AAA title following a 74-70 win over St. Thomas Prep, where he had 23 points, two rebounds and nine assists and earned MVP honors. Spike is known for one his name, but also his ability to hit deep shots and get the ladies;) aka Kate Upton. Basically, Spike is the man.

Kentucky annoys me

Coming into the 2014-2015 men’s basketball season ranked #1 Kentucky is supposed to breeze through the season. After just recently defeating Kansas 72-40, Kentucky proved how good they are. Yes it is early in the season, very early, but beating the #5 team by 32 is crazy. Led by their nine All-American’s Kentucky has created two “platoons”. First off, a platoon a military unit typically composed of more than two squads/sections. Last time I checked, this is a basketball team, not a military unit…. Just the fact that Kentucky is referring to themselves as platoons annoys me. Yes, this team has a crazy amount of talent and is the favorite to win it all but they annoy me.

Kentucky had the same amount of blocks (11) as Kansas had made shots in their dominating victory (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Kentucky had the same amount of blocks (11) as Kansas had made shots in their dominating victory (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Big Blue Nation (BBN) is also bothersome. They come in to every season as the crazy fans who expect their team to win the championship but if their team does anything less than this they’re gone. I remember a few years ago when Kentucky lost in the first round of the NIT. I don’t think they had any fans cheering for them then, but now they do. BBN has finally showed to stay loyal through the first two games of the season.

I used to not like Duke just because of the connotation with their name and Kyle Singler annoyed me but now it’s Kentucky, a team I used to be completely fine with. I guess I’ll just have to deal with a year of aggravating fans.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t like them. Two students from Mariemont High School have expressed their opinion on this team.

Joey Kromer says, “I hate them.”

Daniel Simmons believes, “Somethin’ fishy is going on down their, something illegal.”

My hope is that the “platoons” get shot down *ba dum tss* and get upset in the tournament.


Opinions on Top 10 teams

Recently, ESPN released the top 25 power rankings for this upcoming men’s basketball season. Here is what I think of the top 10.

1. Kentucky Wildcats- You receive a bunch of young, five-star recruits that let down your fans almost every season by not winning a national championship, despite always being ranked #1.

2.Arizona Wildcats- Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is a cool name.

3. Wisconsin Badgers- Your coach looks like your mascot.


Oregon v Wisconsin




4. Duke Blue Devils- I have nothing to say about Duke. Well, besides that.

5. Kansas Jayhawks- Can’t wait to see Andrew Wiggins!!!! Ha.

6. UNC Tar Heels- What is a Tar Heel? If you say it over and over it sounds weird.

7. Louisville Cardinals- I don’t like you.. At all.

8. Florida Gators- When is Tim Tebow going to come back?

9. Virginia Cavaliers- I thought people only went here to get a very good education.

10. Wichita State Shockers- You will always be seen as an overrated team in my eyes.

Remember these are my opinions. I gave my opinions because it’s my blog and I don’t care about your opinions ❤


Player Profile: Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil Okafor is expected to lead the Blue Devils to a winning season.

Jahlil Okafor is expected to lead the Blue Devils to a winning season.

This past year Duke has reeled in one of the best recruiting classes in recent years, led by 6’10” center Jahlil Okafor. The distant cousin of Emeka Okafor, Jahlil is the #1 recruit. He chose Duke over schools such as Baylor, Kentucky, and Kansas. He averaged 14.8 points per game (PPG) and 7.1 rebounds. Duke landed the top center and top point guard in Tyus Jones. Jones and Okafor committed to be a package deal wherever they went even though they never played school or AAU together. On their decision to Duke Okafor said, “We just wanted the best opportunity to win.” Duke clearly gives them a great opportunity to win since they have established a long tradition of winning. Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s reputation doesn’t hurt either. Already expected to start and dominate Okafor is also supposed to be the first pick taken in the 2015 draft. He has many expectations and I expect him to fulfill all of them.

How Michigan will move on from NBA draft?


"Bang Bang" -Cheif Keef

“Bang Bang” -Cheif Keef

The Michigan Wolverines lost a huge amount of talent to the NBA Draft including, Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary, and Glenn Robinson III. Stauskas was the Big Ten player of the year and Michigan’s clear best player. McGary saw little playing time due to a back injury and declared for the draft mostly because of a yearlong suspension he would have faced. Glenn Robinson III was a nice piece for the Wolverines but never truly became the dominant player many thought he could be. Moving on from Stauskas will be the hardest out of all these players but Coach Beilien and company have a plan.

Junior Caris LeVert will be heavily leaned upon to continue the recent winning traditions Michigan basketball has experienced in the past few years. Last year he was selected to the All-Big Ten second team and was awarded the 2014 U-M’s Rudy Tomjanovich Most Improved Player. His ability to drive to the hoop as well as shoot from deep creates problems for defenses. His lanky Kevin Durant esk frame helps him shoot above most defenders also. He should be Michigan’s leader this year.

Two other forwards who will need to help are Sophomore Zak Irvin and freshman Kameron Chatman. These two players have almost the same frame, around 6’6” 210 pounds. Irvin is known for his deep ball, which accounted for more than 50% of his shots last season but he has worked on getting bigger and wants to focus on getting into the paint more this year. Chatman has been assigned the role of replacing Robinson III this year. Chatman is the all-around player. He has the strength to get to the rim but also, like LeVert, can use his height to rise up and shoot the ball.

The Wolverine’s will also need big men Mark Donnal and Ricky Doyle to replace McGary but since the Michigan offense is mostly centered on guards and forwards they will not be as heavily relied on. Go blue.





One and done


You mad? or nawwww

You mad? or nawwww


A very controversial topic in college basketball is the one and done rule.  College players are allowed to leave for the NBA after one year of college. For example, this year, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Julius Randle to name a few. It used to be that you could go out of high school like LeBron James and Dwight Howard did but that was changed.

Personally, I do not like the one and done rule. I think it’s stupid that a player would take all the time to commit to a “college of their dreams” to spend one season there. I would want to stay for as long as I could. I get that when a million dollar contract is staring you in the face it’s hard to turn down but you could get a much bigger one if you stay longer. You could develop as a player and mature in college rather than go into the league and have to mature while playing against the best of the best.

The NCAA, in my opinion should either tell a player they have to stay in college for at least three years and then declare or not go to college at all and take the risk of trying to get drafted out of high school. Many coaches don’t like the rule. Coach Calipari talked about its hard to recruit a player that you know will almost definitely go to the NBA and trying to convince them to stay is very hard.

I don’t like the one and done thing.