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Since this is possibly one of our last blog posts of the year, this one is dedicated to all my homies out there. Aka all you seniors leaving me. You’re going to college, like wow. This is gonna be pretty sad when you guys leave because you basically make up this whole class. When Cooper told me to take journalism I didn’t really think I would like it because I wasn’t a huge writer. This class has brought me closer to a lot of the seniors and I’ve developed relationships with some of you fools. (Majakishack (I know spelled wrong it just sounds funny) and our bathroom fun;)) Hey Steve, you’re an ok editor. And the rest of you freaks are cool too. Ok, now my hands hurt. ❤

What Caris LeVert’s return means for Michigan

With Caris LeVert returning to Michigan, that means they have used up all of their available scholarships.It also means Michigan will not suck as much. With the freshman emerging last year without the presence of him, this team could win some games (you’re supposed to do that). MAAR and Aubrey Dawkins, the young talent on this team could be the deciding factor. Go Blue

March Sadness, kinda

Now that the tournament is over, work productivity will shoot back up and kids will pay attention in school. I find it very sad that its over, but UK did lose:)

Positive things:

Uk lost
There were some big upsets
UK lost
B1G Ten made it, almost
UK lost
Michigan did not lose a game
UK lost

Sad things:
Michigan didn’t win a game
It’s over
Nothing to do in school now
B1G Ten didn’t win

Another Reason Not to Like Kentucky

Throughout the Kentucky vs. Cincinnati game, the Wildcats and Cincinnati’s Octavius Ellis battled it out and had many scuffles throughout the game. After the Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Cincinnati Bearcats in the round of 32, the Kentucky fans decided to start another fight. You knew the Wildcat fans did not like Ellis if you watched the game but after they took it to a whole different level. Tweets were sent out at Ellis calling him names and using multiple racial epithets. Kentucky won the game, chill fan (like fam but they’re fans lol). There wasn’t any reason for them to send these but they decided to continue the stereotype of obnoxious Kentucky fans. Chris Bains, a writer for wrote, “Classy, Big Blue Nation. Always the epitome of a normal, stable group of human beings.” Clearly a joke…. because they aren’t classy. I don’t understand that someone can be so morally low that they feel the need to send out the offensive tweets. Thankfully UK fan and actress Ashley Judd apologized on behalf of all of the UK fans saying, “Just as many Arkansas fans apologized to me for what a few of their fan base directed at me, with the whole of my soul, on my knees, I apologize to Octavius and his entire family for remarks made by some fans of my team.” This doesn’t make anything the people did better but it shows at least one UK fan has some decency.

Who deserves the #1 seed?

1. Kentucky- I think this is semi-self explainable but Kentucky has just been dominant this year. Going 31-0 in the regular season is kind of a big deal considering it hasn’t been achieved since the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. They have the best front court in the country in my opinion and although they have had some close games, they are still 31-0 and the favorite to win it all.

2. Duke- Duke came into the year one of the favorites, and they still are. Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones have been exactly what the Blue Devils needed them to be. Going 29-3 with losses to Notre Dame (#8 at the time), NC State, and Miami is still a good resumé and will get them the 1 seed without a problem.

3. Virginia- People might not enjoy watching Virginia as much as a Duke or Kentucky because of their calm, relaxed play, but Virginia is good. They went 29-2 and had quality wins against UNC, Notre Dame, and Louisville. The thing that scares me about them is that they have a lot of close wins, although they manage to win them, still scary.

4. Wisconsin- This is the hardest one to pick because Villanova could easily switch with them but I think Wisconsin has a better chance. Having Wooden Award contender Frank Kaminsky down low provides a big matchup problem for most defenses and they are a very balanced team. They went 29-3 with losses to good teams such as Duke and Maryland but then had a rough loss against a bad Rutgers team.

Wildcard- Michigan Wolverines- If this team manages to sneak into the tournament, which is very unlikely, they are bound to cause some upsets. Injuries have plagued Michigan’s season but the team morale is high. Aubrey Dawkins is on a tear right now and that helps. Don’t let that 16-15 record fool you, they had to go against tough teams like NJIT and Eastern Michigan and went into overtime with Wisconsin. Plus, they got “Made in March” jerseys so the committee should let this young squad suit up.

Thoughts from Crosstown Shootout

I went to the Crosstown shootout. I cheered for UC. UC lost. I was sad. Here are cool things about the game.

That's the Bearcat

That’s the Bearcat, if you can see it.

1. The Bearcat came in through the ceiling.

2. A guy won $10,000 for making more free throws than another guy.

3. It was loud. The student section is cool.

4. I was next to some Xavier fan who annoyed me.

Not cool things.

1. UC lost

2. UC couldn’t really shoot.

3. Xavier Won.

4. It was cold on my way home.

My Top 25

3.Notre Dame
10.North Carolina
14.Witchita State
15.West Virginia
17.Iowa State
22.Ohio State