Another Reason Not to Like Kentucky

Throughout the Kentucky vs. Cincinnati game, the Wildcats and Cincinnati’s Octavius Ellis battled it out and had many scuffles throughout the game. After the Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Cincinnati Bearcats in the round of 32, the Kentucky fans decided to start another fight. You knew the Wildcat fans did not like Ellis if you watched the game but after they took it to a whole different level. Tweets were sent out at Ellis calling him names and using multiple racial epithets. Kentucky won the game, chill fan (like fam but they’re fans lol). There wasn’t any reason for them to send these but they decided to continue the stereotype of obnoxious Kentucky fans. Chris Bains, a writer for wrote, “Classy, Big Blue Nation. Always the epitome of a normal, stable group of human beings.” Clearly a joke…. because they aren’t classy. I don’t understandĀ that someone can be so morally low that they feel the need to send out the offensive tweets. Thankfully UK fan and actress Ashley Judd apologized on behalf of all of the UK fans saying, “Just as many Arkansas fans apologized to me for what a few of their fan base directed at me, with the whole of my soul, on my knees, I apologize to Octavius and his entire family for remarks made by some fans of my team.” This doesn’t make anything the people did better but it shows at least one UK fan has some decency.


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