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Sweet 16 Predictions

Dayton has been the Cinderella team this year.

Dayton has been the Cinderella team this year.

This Thursday and Friday, 16 teams will be battling for a chance to punch their ticket into the Elite Eight. My predictions follow:


Dayton (11) vs. Stanford (10) 7:15 PM

ESPN Prediction- STAN -2.5

My Prediction- I know nothing about either team but since Dayton beat OSU I want Dayton, so I pick Dayton.

Wisconsin (2) vs. Baylor (6) 7:47 PM

ESPN Prediction- WIS -3

My Prediction- Baylor has been running through the first two rounds and just beat Creighton by 30 and Wisconsin had a tough time against a good Oregon team but I think Wisconsin will have a comeback game and win.

Florida (1) vs. UCLA (4) 9:45 PM

ESPN Prediction- FLA -5

My Prediction- Florida faced a small challenge against Albany and they will face a challenge with UCLA but will beat the Bruins.

San Diego State (4) vs. Arizona (1) 10:17 PM

ESPN Prediction- ZONA -7.5

My Prediction- Xavier Thames is a great point guard but Nick Johnson is up for player of the year. Arizona has the advantage at every position.

Michigan (2) vs. Tennessee (11) 7:15

ESPN Prediction- MICH -2

My Prediction- If Michigan is hitting three pointers at a good percentage but if they aren’t Tennessee could pull off the upset. I pick Michigan.

Connecticut (7) vs. Iowa State (3) 7:27 PM

ESPN Prediction- IWST-1.5

My Prediction- Hoiberg will keep dancing as Ejim and Kane take down the Huskies.

Kentucky (8) vs. Louisville (8) 9:45

ESPN Prediction- LOU -4.5

My Prediction- If UK can play how they did against Wichita State they will win but if they don’t it’s not even close. Kentucky.

Michigan State (4) vs. Virginia (1) 9:57

ESPN Prediction- MSU -1.5

My Prediction- This will be the most physical game maybe of the whole tournament but MSU is healthy and playing their best basketball of the season. Michigan State.





Jabari Parkers Future



(PHOTO BY GETTY)Jabari Parker does not know if he will stay for another season or declare for the draft.

(PHOTO BY GETTY) Jabari Parker does not know if he will stay for another season or declare for the draft.

Jabari Parker is one of the most talented freshmen and one of the most talented players in the nation this year. He is projected to be one of the top draft picks in the 2014 NBA Draft, if he goes.

In a recent interview with the AP’s Joedy McCreary, Parker talks about his weighing decisions on if he should leave or not. “If I feel like there are things I could improve on or things I left, like during the season, then I will probably come back. Saying that I didn’t give it my all and that I have regrets, that I have to come back because I owe this program so much. A deciding factor is where I’m going to grow the most, whether it’s in the NBA or even in college, the learning experiences that I need as far as (growing as) a basketball player.”

Many have deemed Parker the nations most complete player and the most NBA ready player so why shouldn’t he go? Maybe there is the ambition to go out on a high note and win the National Championship; maybe it’s the outstanding coach in Mike Krzyzewski, or maybe the stadium.

If Parker decides to leave he will most definitely be a top five pick with a lot of potential in the NBA but if Parker does decide to stay there will be no doubt that they will be the favorite to win the national championship. With the Jabari Parker, the best recruiting class including the number one overall prospect Jahlil Okafor, who is a center, and the number four overall prospect Tyus Jones, who is a point guard, winning it should be no challenge.