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Is Kentucky in trouble?

Is John Calapari's and Kentucky's reign as a top team over?

Is John Calapari’s and Kentucky’s reign as a top team over?

Having the number one recruiting class for the past two years is something to be proud of, but what you do with it is what matters. The University of Kentucky men’s basketball team won the national championship in the 2011-2012 season and had many successful years before that, but what about now?

Last year, having one of the best recruiting classes ever Kentucky came in expecting to dominate competition. Going 8-4 through the first twelve games was a bad sign to come. The Wildcats ended the year going 21-12 and losing in the first round of the NIT to the 8th seed Robert Morris, One of the most disappointing seasons in Calapari’s career.

Coming in this year, with once again the best recruiting class the Wildcats once again are expected to go far. They lost one of their first challenges to the number one Michigan State team and everyone thought everything was still fine. Now through the first 11 games the Wildcats are 8-3 losing all three to ranked opponents.

Not doing well against these teams could be trouble in March for the Wildcats but who says they make it to March? Could we see another year like last year or is this just early season troubles?