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Who should be #1?


Jabari Parker shined in the season opener.

Jabari Parker shined in the season opener.

With a star-studded draft there will be many options for the number one pick, here are my choices:

Julius Randle, Kentucky- This man is a powerhouse. Averaging 20 points and 13 rebounds is ridiculous. Being 6’9” could become a disadvantage knowing he wants to become more of a big man but there have been others who have succeeded as big man with his height. Glen “Big Baby” Davis has made a career as a big man. Randle, in most mock drafts will go one or two depending on who is choosing but Randle has a nice shot of joining the prestigious group of the first chosen.

Andrew Wiggins, Kansas- Everyone knows the name Andrew Wiggins, the #1 prospect out of high school, the man who’s going to lead Kansas to a national championship, the #1 draft pick, unless…. He continues to have a year like he is right now. Although Wiggins is doing a good job averaging 17 points and six rebounds the other three players are proving to be more. Wiggins will have to improve and live up to his hype if he wants to be the first pick.

Jabari Parker, Duke- Parker is possibly the best choice for any team on the board, unless you want a power forward, then there is Julius Randle. Parker is a rare breed of the small forward who can handle the ball, shoot from deep, and dominate the paint. Most likely the biggest threat to Wiggins as the first pick, his ideal situation is the Jazz get the first pick and choose him to replace Gordon Hayward. The Jazz could choose to make Hayward a sixth man or get surrounding pieces for Burke and Parker in a trade.

Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State- The only sophomore on the list is arguably the longest shot to be first between these four. Although he most likely will not become a point guard Marcus Smart could have the offense to himself on almost any top ten pick team. Smart put up a career high 39 points against Memphis and look amazing. Kevin Durant even said he is NBA ready, maybe Durant wants him? Well that’s a long shot due to Smart’s talent. Look for this sophomore to put up big numbers throughout the year.

Answer: Jabari Parker, Duke

2013-2014 NCAAM predictions


Will Andrew Wiggins amount to the hype?

Will Andrew Wiggins amount to the hype?

While I was reading a Bleacher Report article called B/R Expert Predictions for the 2013-14 College Basketball Season I decided it would be a good idea if I took their questions and decided to fill out my own answers. So all props are to Bleacher Report for the questions.

Will Andrew Wiggins Live Up to the Hype?

Andrew Wiggins, one of the most covenant prospects since LeBron James, has of course, been surrounded with much hype. The hype of going number one in the draft, being the player of the year, averaging more than 20 point, and the most important, winning the national championship. This is a lot of pressure to put on a freshman. Asking him to lead your team to such high expectations. I, personally, don’t think he can do it. While he is a ridiculous athlete with much skill, that is too much to put on him. He can average good number, he can go number one in the draft, he can do a lot of these, but doing all of them is the challenge. He has been given too much hype going into this year and he wont be able to complete it.

Who’s Better: Big Ten or ACC?

This year it goes to the Big Ten, not by much though. Yes, we will find out who’s the better conference as we have the Big Ten/ACC challenge coming up, but for right now its the Big Ten. Both conferences have great teams, the Big Ten with Michigan State, Michigan, and Ohio State and the ACC with Duke, Syracuse, and North Carolina. The Big Ten’s depth is one of the greatest in the nation but until Louisville goes to the ACC, the Big Ten teams are the victors.

How Many Teams Will Rank No. 1? Who Will They Be?

Five. Kentucky(of course), Louisville, Michigan State, Duke, and Kansas. All of these teams have superb talent but all are do for at least one or two upsets this year. Yes, even Kentucky. Upsets are a given in college basketball no matter how good your team is, right Kentucky? These five teams will switch throughout the season with Kentucky, Louisville, and Michigan State leading the pack.

Player of the Year?

Russ Smith, because he’s russdiculous. Plus he has all around talent with great instincts. He can score as good as any other point guard while also contributing big assist and many steals.

Most Disappointing Team?

Ohio State. This is my least favorite team but I chose them for a reason. They lost DeShaun Thomas who was clearly their best player and Laquinton Ross can not pick up where he left off. Michigan could also have a less than great season as they lost player of the year Trey Burke and Mitch McGary recovers from a back injury.

NCAA Tournament Sleeper?

VCU. Great returning players plus a great defense is the key for success. Plus, they always have a run. Will history repeat itself?

National Champion?

Sadly, Kentucky will be the national champion. There young, good recruiting class is too much to be stopped as they beat Louisville or Michigan State in the final game.


Should we expect to see more of Michael Carter-Williams?

Michael Carter-Williams will have many expectations after a stellar debut.

Michael Carter-Williams will have many expectations after a stellar debut.

Getting drafted with the 11th pick comes with a lot of expectations. Michael Carter-Williams filled his expectations the first night, but can we expect to see this more often?

With a breakout performance in his NBA debut, Michael Carter-Williams has made a name for himself. 22 points, 12 assists, 9 steals, and 7 rebounds are phenomenal for a debut. The cherry on top was that the 76ers beat the Miami Heat in the process.

Carter-Williams stands at 6’6” and plays the point guard position, a little big for that, but he makes of for his size with a great basketball I.Q and ball handling abilities. While he could improve his jump shot at times I think we will see a breakout year for this rookie from Syracuse.

While maybe not being able to produce the number he had in his debut, he will have a great season. Being as tall as he is for the point guard position is an advantage due to the fact he can shoot over most other point guards who range from around 6’ to around 6’2”. He would most likely produce bigger number if he was guarded but I think if teams but someone like a small forward or shooting guard to guard him, he will have a much harder time. Not being able to shoot over the defender could be a big problem for his points total. His height helps with his rebounds but has nothing to do with steals or assists. The thing most likely to go down this season for him is points.

I am not saying he cant produce 22 point a game, I just think he will be asked to do more distributing rather than scoring. They have Even Turner for scoring. Nerlens Noel being out for the 76ers puts a big whole in his assist totals as they were expecting to have him start down low, but due to a knee injury, that will no longer happen.

Carter-Williams is capable of producing such number every once in awhile but I think he will average more around: 15 ppg, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds.